The impetus behind the creation of the English Heritage Music Series has always been performance. Many of the musical works contained in the Series have been silent for over a century, in large part because performance materials have not been readily available. Our abiding hope is that access to the materials contained in these pages will inspire conductors and performers across the globe to resurrect these forgotten works.

As commercial recordings of these works are not available, we have created mp3 audio files from the Finale full score files to provide users an aural sense for each work. However, as helpful as these audio files can be, nothing can match the excitement of a live performance.

We believe that the more the musical public can hear these works, the more likely they will become a permanent part of the repertoire. To that end, organizations that use these materials are encouraged to secure archival rights from their performers, to record their concerts (audio and/or video), and to submit the recording (live or edited) to this site. Your recording will become part of the English Heritage Music Series permanent record and will serve as an invaluable resource for other organizations to use when considering future performances of these works.

If you plan to/have perform(ed) one of these works, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us by emailing