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Full Score Part 116.10/01ADownload Full Score Part 1 [11 x 17]
Full Score Part 216.10/01BDownload Full Score Part 2 [11 x 17]
Vocal Score 16.10/02Download Vocal Score [A4]
Flute 1Download Flute 1
Flute 2Download Flute 2
PiccoloDownload Piccolo
Oboe 1Download Oboe 1
Oboe 2Download Oboe 2
English HornDownload English Horn
Clarinet 1Download Clarinet 1
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Bassoon 1Download Bassoon 1
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Horn 1Download Horn 1
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Digital Audio File(s)
1. U.S. Premiere Performance of a Restored Classic - University of Minnesota Singers, Oratorio Society of Minnesota, Matthew Mehaffey, conductor - April 5, 2024Download/Play Audio
3. Pre - Concert Powerpoint PresentationDownload/Play Audio
4. Concert Powerpoint Presentation Download/Play Audio
5. Concert Program - April 5, 2024Download/Play Audio
Additional Information: Performed on April 5, 2024 in Ted Mann Concert Hall on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Conductor: Matthew Mehaffey Soloists: Nicholas Chalmers (Azarias) Andrew Kane (Ananias) Nicholas Nelson (Misael) Elena Bird Zolnick (Jewish Woman) Christiana Howell (Angel), Justin Staebell (King Nebuchadnezzar) Brandon Berger (The Herald) Chorus: University Singers Oratorio Society of Minnesota Chorus Oratorio Society Orchestra A pre-concert Powerpoint presentation was displayed providing biographical information on the composer. A Powerpoint presentation was run throughout the performance providing text and relevant graphic images.